Talking to the G-Man

The G-Man is in Nuremberg and will be looking for our apartment. We had a nice conversation tonight about how lovely the city is, how many cute girls there are there that he has absolutely no interest in because he only has eyes for me, and how he saw a few black people!! This made me rejoice as a mixed racial lady<—–Jamaican and Irish America, yes I am! Also he told me about Amerika Haus which I totally think should hire me as a librarian, just saying.

Meanwhile on the NYC front, I have been a little down about the whole I-can’t-wait-to-be-there-and-go-look-for-our-apartment-too thing. So I bought a little housewarming gift for our future apartment.

A pint glass, a shaker and a strainer for my awesome cocktails! Which I’ll be sampling this evening. Since I’m a pastry chef, I know how to use liquors to make tasty things dessert-wise. But I took a class at the Astor Center last weekend about making signature cocktails, and now I’m in love with it. Who knew I would be a natural? I did, because I love yummo cocktails.

I scheduled my appointment for the German Consulate to take place mid-June, I don’t know how this really will work out. The G-Man and I aren’t married and although that is a very likely option down the line, it’s not one I want to consider to go over there. So getting a permanent resident visa is gonna be tough right? If anyone else has been there, done that please shoot me some advice! Otherwise, I will have to get a three-month visa which is also inconvenient because then I’ll have to leave every three months and I think there is a limit on that. Let’s see what happens!


4 thoughts on “Talking to the G-Man

  1. I can’t wait to follow your blog and all your adventures. 🙂 Let me know if there is any way I can help as you transition to Germany.

    1. Oh thank you so much! I’m sure I am going to have plenty of questions and I appreciate your help and bloggy- friendship! Thank you for your recent and in advance advice. I cannot wait to get over there, but I’m sure I’ll have to get through a ton of obstacles before then. So thank you and I look forward to following your blog and adventures as well!

  2. Hi there! Good luck on your transition to Germany. It’s great that you’re getting some German under your belt before you even hit the ground. Having that structure in your head from day one is one thing fewer that you have to worry about.

    Nürnberg is a lovely city. I hope you enjoy it!

  3. Gosh how many different visas have I had? I came on a tourist and then changed to a student visa (using my language school enrollment), and then I got an internship and switched to a work visa. As an American, getting a visa goes pretty quickly, but unless you have a job or a marriage license a permanent one won’t really be an option.

    Sounds like your plan to come on a visa and look for a job is a good one. If you’re going to do language school, you can see about getting a student visa that will allow you to stay longer than 3 months.

    You can also go to the Ausländerbehörde when you arrive and just see if they will extend your tourist visa for a longer time if you explain that you’re trying to settle over here. As long as your apartment is large enough and your boyfriend makes enough money to technically support you (I know, sounds stone aged), you could have a shot at that. It might be worth just going there and asking them to explain your options and what is required – they can be pretty informative.

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