This is more quick press than anything else, but any doubts I’ve had about moving there have subsided as I have learned recently that there are 2 movie theaters that play English-speaking movies in Nürnberg. This may not seem important to anyone else, but I love movies. I love going, I love seeing them. I love the whole thing. Apparently The Roxy and CineCitta offer movies in their original version. I’m so happy!!!!


2 thoughts on “Doubts?

  1. That is an important thing. Freiburg used to offer more, but now only seems to be once per run of the bigger movies. Glad you are finding things to make you feel better about coming.

    1. Thank you!!! I appreciate your comments and kind words. Movies are important, I mean I know I will work on my German skills while watching tv, but movies… I hope not.

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