My days have been full; since telling some of my best friends about the impending move, nearly everyone wants to come visit me and NYC before I go. As you can imagine, I’m digging having people to cook for. On the flip side, the G-Man and I celebrated our Anniversary on Friday. Albeit we celebrated via skype, and it went a bit like:

Him: I’ve decided that since we will be together forever, we should adopt an Asian baby because then people would be impressed about how multicultural we are.

Me: Um, or we can just have our own babies at some point, you know.

Him: Yeah, but we can’t make Asian babies. And also, I think we should have a black panther and a white tiger when we get rich. We can walk down the street and everyone would think we are so cool.

Me: Or they would be terrified of the white tiger and black panther. Would they even get along?

Him: Oh that would be a problem.

Me: Clearly.

Him: What about if we get a liger; you know a combo of a lion and a tiger? Only they are really big.

Me: This conversation is still happening.  No we cannot have any of these things.

Him: I think we should ride zebras too, because everyone in Germany rides horses.

Me: No.

Him: And oh yeah!! Happy Anniversary, I made you two postcards but for some reason this postcard maker online won’t allow me to pay to make them and send them. So I’ll send them to you in an email.

Me: Oh thank you!! I love it. I think it’s cool that the city already loves me and I’m not there yet.

Him: Of course. And I figured you would say that which is why I sent you the other one. I made them all by myself.

Me: So very German. Clean, precise.

Him: Yeah but it’s un-German because I say I love you a lot. Mhm.

The other one is adorable btw. Anyway, for any of my expat ladies abroad, are all Germans this crazy? I hope so because I will love that!


One thought on “Anniversary

  1. Ha! It is totally un-German to say I love you a lot. This is true. Mine was a quick study, which is probably why it worked. I wouldn’t say all Germans are crazy, but there are enough to keep you going. 😉

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