Apartment Hunting in Nürnberg

The G-Man and I were discussing our future when he said these magical words; “would you like to look at apartments online with me?” Of course I said yes. I mean this is a big deal and mostly, I don’t know if he is going to pick an apartment for us that will have a kitchen I consider adequate. Therefore I jumped at the opportunity.

He’s very picky. I mean abnormally so. Movies are either hit or miss with him, sometimes because he thought it was too funny when it’s an action movie or when he thinks it doesn’t seem realistic enough-  yes he is that guy. He doesn’t like coconut because of the texture, but say I make something with coconut milk which eliminates the texture issue, he still won’t eat it because he knows “it’s in there.”  I have to be aware of all these idiosyncrasies and work with them, I mean when we order food and there are peas in it, he eats them all really fast so I don’t have to see them or smell them or worry that they contaminated my food. That’s love, so I can do the same.

So we looked at apartments online, none of which he liked, yet plenty that I thought were promising. I care about the kitchen and the bathroom, I think he cares about the aesthetics. He says he wants our apartment to be perfect for us, and I said the two of us in the same place is all the perfection I need. So if anyone has any tips of searching for apartments abroad, please let me know, because the sooner we get a place, the sooner I can begin my life there. Help me out.


3 thoughts on “Apartment Hunting in Nürnberg

  1. When we moved here we got a short-term (one month) place and then looked around in person. It was much easier to look for places when you could actually see the apartment – so many picture online and descriptions aren’t very accurate. Good luck!

    1. Thank you!! He is already over there working, so anything i find online he says he’ll check out. Hopefully there will be something amazing with a great kitchen. Thank you for the luck and providing awesome pictures on your site!

  2. Given your kitchen requirements, here’s a word you need to know if you don’t already:

    Einbauküche = built-in kitchen

    Searching for a German apartment is a very different affair. Germans often take the whole kitchen with them when they leave (counters, appliances, EVERYTHING), so the kitchen will frequently be a room with water hookups hanging out of the walls and that’s it. If your apartment listing has an Einbauküche though, that means the kitchen is property of the landlord and comes as part of the package.

    If you have the funds, getting a place with an empty kitchen and buying and designing your own might be a good fit. Either way, good luck and have fun searching. Looking at apartment ads did wonders for my Deutschkenntnis.

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