Job Hunting is worse than House Hunting

So now I’m looking for jobs there, and this is an arduous task not for the faint of heart. Here I am, a pastry chef, preschool teacher, librarian and did I mention food writer? I’m the queen of backup planning but mein Deutsch ist nicht sehr gut. I mean I’ve had like 6 classes tops so I can’t expect miracles.

Oh please oh please let me find a job that gives me a visa that allows me to stay in Deutschland unmarried. Let us hope, and if anyone has tips, I could use them!



3 thoughts on “Job Hunting is worse than House Hunting

  1. Hi Ellie, just wanted to say thanks for linking my blog to yours, and I’ll keep my eyes open to anything in the Nürnberg area. Even if you’ve never taught English before, there are likely language schools or tutoring programs that could use you simply for the fact that you’re a native speaker. Good luck!

  2. Hi Elli, maybe you’ve already done this, but checking out the ToyTown Germany bulletin board for Nürnberg might be a good idea — just to see if you can’t at least get a lay of the land. Definitely take the posts with a grain of salt, but since you’re not the first person to do what you’re doing, you might be able to learn from the experiences of others, especially in the city you want to settle in.

    Also, remember that if your tourist visa begins running out before you’ve landed a job, you can also get a visa for attending a German-language course at least 18 hours/week — which could both buy you some time and help you improve your German!

    Good luck!

  3. Good luck Allie! I think there’s a sponsored visa arrangement for cooks/chefs, although I only know that from reading something unrelated about my visa (I didn’t investigate properly). It’s worth having a look into…

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