1 Month and Stuff

The flight is booked, my winter clothes are packed, boxes have been shipped, and now I’m contemplating how I’m going to get Maude (aka my KitchenAid) over. I cannot live without her, we do everything together; meringues, buttercreams, breads, cookies. It was a graduation present from my late Mom about 4 years ago when I was officially done with Pastry School. How could I not take her?

But what if I plug her in and even with the proper converter, she explodes? Then I’ll be heartbroken as well. Meanwhile it’s a massive heat wave in NYC, that is totally uncool in every possible way. I’m still loving the G-Man, he makes me laugh non-stop which keeps me motivated. But the not-having-a-job thing is very concerning. That and everyone tells me if I take a basic German language test, I can have a Visa much easier. But my German isn’t there yet!

What to do, what to do? Any ideas? Btw, excited to meet some of you when I finally get over there!


3 thoughts on “1 Month and Stuff

  1. From someone who’s had a few US appliances go “pouf” in a puff of smoke on arrival in Germany, I recommend using the RIGHT converter – and sometimes they’re quite big. We’ve got a few now, and have had no problems. See if you can get it in the US, much cheaper than here (try Amazon). Also, if you haven’t already, check out the amazing http://www.toytowngermany.com which is the best site I’ve found for expats living in Germany. There are a few bitchy people on there, but if you use the search function you can find almost everything you ever wanted to know (or ask me and I’ll try to help). Have a great day!

  2. The countdown is really starting now… good luck with this last stage, can be very stressful but sounds like you’ve got most things under control. Don’t stress too much about the apartment either – we ended up staying in a zweichenmeter (between rentals) apartment for a month while we found our place and it worked out fine.

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