Away I Went

It’s tough to get stuff done when I’m without internet or a kitchen, mostly that last one worries and keeps me up at night. I’m nothing special without a kitchen, give me a kitchen and I can be somewhat awesome again. I miss baking, and making creative dinners. I miss the calmness that comes from baking breads, and the sweet smells of apples baking away in a nice crisp, cake or pie. But honestly, it has more to do with therapy than anything else. Cooking, baking, making allows me to remove stress and the rest of the world from my life for just a few hours. And nothing brings me as much joy as when I make something I’m proud of and I can give it to people that I cherish. It’s a beautiful experience that makes my life better.

But I have to wait on that kitchen, like I do the internet and a dresser, and actually all bedroom furniture save a mattress. We do have an amazing living room, which I am very proud of. That is the coolest space full of color and happiness. I’m in love with the simple room. It’s where I spend the majority of my day when I’m not at Starbucks using the internet.

I haven’t gotten around to spending an entire day taking pictures and then sharing them yet. Or sending post cards or letters. I’m a bit lazy with these things, but I’m getting to a comfortable place with it, I’m less afraid of my own shadow here and now I feel like I can easily navigate the streets, take pictures, buy souvenirs, and possibly go to the post office. I’m moving my bottom, I promise!

A day doesn’t go by that I don’t fancy myself happy. Because I am so much happier here than I was in NYC, and that has everything to do with the G-Man. I’m one happy lady, and like I said, give me a kitchen and a job, and I’ll be even happier than I’ve ever been. Until then, I’m still smiling!




2 thoughts on “Away I Went

  1. Im soo amazingly happy that you are SOo flipping happy in German land!!!!! I miss you soo much but it warms my heart that you are with the love of your life and are experiencing whole new adventures!!! Your kitchen and a great job are just around the corner for you lady pants.. Im keeping my fingers crossed!

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