What I like

I’m in love with Germany and although we don’t always agree about things, namely: carbonated water, slow internet installation and kitchens not being included in your apartments, we understand each other. I love all these little festivals, and these amazing cookies called Magenbrot, which I cannot get enough of—-everything is lively and full of fun. It’s colorful. The homes, the views, the events, the people, they are full of charm and a little zaniness that goes a long way.

So here is my list of things I love about Germany:

1. Fresh produce whenever you want (even Sundays!). This isn’t NYC, you can get some amazing produce that even has the smell of the farm. I would make many awesome things if I had a kitchen….

2. There is literally chocolate and bakeries everywhere. As most people know, I do in fact have a chocolate addiction that I try to keep in check every few days. But the chocolate is so good and cheap here that who cares about keeping that addiction under control? I’m doing my sanity a disservice by trying. That’s my excuse right there.

3. The people smile at you and they will help you out. 

4. Food is cheap. Always important.

5. There are festivals almost every weekend. It’s always a bit of a surprise when you go to the city center, you never know what to expect.

6. MAGENBROT. And these little pretzel stick sandwiches with fresh salami, slices of hard-boiled eggs, peppers and lettuce. AMA-ZING. Notice a lot of my likes are about food?

7. So many parks and trees and places that are tranquil. I can actually walk down the street here and never run into anyone at all.

8. If I weren’t lactose intolerant I would enjoy the fact that they have little ice cream places everywhere. Actually I still do enjoy it, I just get really sick.

9. They eat a lot here, and it’s not a crime like in NYC if you have too much of something people stare at you. But not here. They don’t care, they just love their food. (Although they could learn to love fruits and veggies a bit more).

10. They have quite a few Irish pubs in Nürnberg… one has this bartender dude that makes quite a nice snakebite with a touch of blackberry liquor. I drank six a few nights ago, and I felt pretty good about it. I also felt pretty good about dancing, singing loudly, and other random things I normally don’t feel too good about.

11. Lastly, the vibe is laid-back and calm. Everyone goes at their own pace. I needed this after the city and importantly, I needed this for my health. I feel a bit more like myself again, which hasn’t happened in the last 2 years.

I’m really happy even without the kitchen, the internet, bedroom furniture, visa, prescription medicine…. My life may not be perfect but it is full of love, and that’s a good start.


One thought on “What I like

  1. I love your head nod comment. You are ohh so true. BUT! I have found, that if you smile at African women, they will at least (okay I will back up, the “older” women) smile back. But you are right, the entire, just because we are black we are family one way or another, is definitely an American thing. I am glad you are enjoying living here. Will have to keep an eye on your blog.

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