What I dislike

Well you can never just talk about the good without going into the bad. So here is that list, and be warned, I’m extremely honest.

1. I really dislike that at the immigration office where clearly people going there are NOT GERMAN, they only speak German. This is not entirely helpful.

2. Why, oh why, do they love David Hasselhof so much? They play his music on the radio way too much.

3. When I see other black people, I do the “black people head nod.” This is when a black person sees another black person, and nods their head in acceptance of being black. We have been doing this since the dawn of time. However, in Germany, these black people are mostly African black people, and they can surely tell that I am not African so they just grimace at me, no friendliness at all. To bring the point home, while out one night with the German pants, not only did I meet another black person, he was American, AND did the head nod. In Harlem, we didn’t just head nod, we did fist pounds, guys would call me sis, we were like one big black slightly dangerous family. This is not Germany’s fault, it’s just something I dislike.

4. Why is the water carbonated? I know that I have to pay for water at restaurants here unlike back home where it’s free and happy, but here they like everything carbonated and bubbly. Even juices. I can deal with that, but when I want water, I mean normal water without anything added. It’s just odd.

5. This is gonna sound disgusting but the toilets here a bit…..weird. If you have to go poo, the poo falls on this little shelf thing just hanging out until you flush. I think it’s a poo shelf. It’s just really weird.

6. Old guys seem to like riding bicycles here a lot, and that’s nice but the problem is that they are usually quite old, wearing heavy-duty glasses and riding into me. I have to be constantly aware of these old men so that I don’t die in such a stupid way.

7.  It’s really hard to throw away stuff here, and by that I mean complicated. You have to sort everything into plastics, papers, food, and how to contain that food when you throw it away. There are rules to everything and I know this makes this country very awesome on the recycling front, but it’s really difficult to learn coming from a country that just doesn’t do that.

8. Why are German girls so pretty? Damn. I really dislike that! I’ve seen like super model girls walking by, and they even walk gracefully. If they walk into the room, it’s like Madonna’s Vogue comes on, when I walk in, it’s like Mr. Bonjangles, the saddest song ever.

9. They don’t really get in the spirit of celebrating Halloween, which is by far one of the coolest days on the year. And this little city would be perfect for some spooky Halloween festivals.

10. I HATE that it takes almost 2 months to get internet installed into your apartment. That makes absolutely no sense at all. And it makes me really sad because I can hardly communicate with people back home. There aren’t a lot of things here in Germany that can remind an American of home, at least not in Nürnberg. So I just need little reminders that while not everything is in its place yet, I’m not lost to the world out here and out of communication. I need little pieces of home as much as possible while I transition into this new and very cool German life.

So there you have it. I’ll have more fun and interesting stories in a few days!!


8 thoughts on “What I dislike

  1. Hahaha I love the poo comment… I always wonder about the toilet situation in other countries. So is it like out on a shelf on display for all to see? Hahaha 😉 Ch-ch-ch-changes.. You’re a beautiful black woman and they are probably just grimacing because they can’t even believe how beautiful you are.

  2. LOL I think you need to think all of this through, The shelf is there in the toilet to save water, there by saving the environment, and because german religiously use the toilet brush, and like to clean, you can save that by puting a piece of toilet paper down then pooing and then flushing! LOL The throwing away stuff is good too, American is so wasetful and horrid when i comes to its Garbage! You just have to learn the diffrence of what goes where and when in doubt throw it in the black can! if you want water without bubble as for” Stilles Wasser bitte” and you will get water without bubbles. Thank god we dont celebrate halloween Germany doesnt have to get any more american then it already is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But we do have Carnival in Feb. to look forward to and then its INSANE! The internet thing is BS anything computer or internet related america does SO MUCH BETTER! not to mention I feel like any Office ( as in your case Immigration) is so much nicer state side.

    Chin up you’ll be fine, see if you can finde millitary around anywhere there is a base really close by i think they always make americans feel welcome

  3. ohh lady pants!!! Shame on the “african” black people not doing the head nod.. I thought that was a universal sign!! lol.. hahah they were just mad that you are soo pretty! :).. and ps not all german girls are pretty.. and how can they NOT celebrate halloween and soo many cool spooky places…

  4. Sorry that this is kind of a novel – I just SO identify with what you’re going through!

    Dealing with officials will get easier as long as you stick with the German. It’s intimidating at first, but I found it helpful to look up vocabulary that I would need for a given visit. And it’s very difficult, but don’t be afraid to ask someone to slow down or repeat what they said. It’s a great way to learn complex vocabulary and constructions.

    We have a shelf toilet, too. It’s annoying, but embrace the ‘magic carpet’ theory (a sheet or 2 of toilet paper) and you’ll be much better off. And the garbage thing just takes time to fully get. In our first apartment here, we had 5 different types of garbage (plastic, paper, metal, compost and everything else). I think it took a full year to get to the point of not having to think before tossing. And it was always excruciating to explain to guests and visitors.

    Halloween isn’t much of a thing here. It really is more of an American holiday, so if you know any Americans with kids, you stand a much better chance of enjoying Halloween-as-you-know-it. And with all due respect to Maurizio, I have a difficult time getting into Karneval. Luckily, you won’t have too much time after Halloween to lament – the Christmas Markets are really cool and special. They should show up in late November and early December. And the Nürnberg one is the most famous in Germany, but don’t let that stop you from checking out others!

    Eventually, I managed to let go of the expectation of water in restaurants. If you just ask for water, the default expectation is often fizzy. Since you have an American accent, you’ll probably get people asking you if you want Sprudelwasser or Stilleswasser. I feel like the Stilleswasser sometimes tastes like flat fizzy water (that vaguely salty flavor – ugh), so maybe take it a step further and ask for Leitungswasser – tap water. Talk to your boyfriend about that first, though; some people think it’s a rude thing to ask for. If your tap water tastes alright, invest in a Trinkflasche to tote around with you. If your tap water is weird (like ours), a Brita filter can take care of that.

    Can’t help with the other stuff – I’m super white and I’ve embraced the iPod, as German radio is even worse than U.S. radio. You’ll get the hang of walking among bikers and they’re pretty good about using their bells – you just have to learn to listen for them. And the internet/phone thing, while ludicrous, is standard across different companies.

    The adjustment is difficult and a blog can be a great outlet for the frustrations. Viel Glück!

    1. You are so right about the blog being a great way to express myself here. Thanks for your response, I will get used to these things in time, I’ve been here a month now and it gets easier every day, with practice of course. I’m still waiting on that internet and everything and they pushed it back again so it will now have taken almost 2 months, can you believe it? But i do love it here and I know it time, I’ll be completely comfortable. Thanks for your kind words!

  5. Not all toilets here are shelf toilets. We just renovated and have a normal one. In most public places that I have needed to go also have normal ones, although in places without a seat.

    The long install of internet is a horrible thing too. Especially because sometimes they don’t even need to come out, just flip a switch. But as one person said, it is standard across companies. Competition doesn’t work the same way here apparently.

    Hope you are settling in.

  6. The Africans are from different culture(s) than you, the black solidarity nod thing is not universal. I don’t get it from other Africans and I’m African, I do however do the solidarity nod to other black people that I pass but I only because I was born and raised in America.

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