Being a Normal Domestic Goddess is Hard

So while I’ve been waiting to start work, I have been busying myself around the house. My daily routine goes a bit like this:

8 am- G-Man’s alarm goes off. He is reluctant to wake up. I say GUTEN MORGEN really loud. He gets up.

8:15- 8:45- still lounging in bed.

8:45- Stretch and  get up.

9 a.m.- Consider doing the dishes but don’t. Read instead.

9:05- Realize I’m hungry and eat whatever seems tasty and healthy.

9:20- Eat part of a chocolate bar, the healthy thing didn’t work out. Go back to reading. 

10:30- Put laundry in washer and get confused over which one is detergent and fabric softener.

10:40 – Shower and dress like a normal person which means not wearing sweatpants because that would make me EVEN more lazy.

11- Decide I should watch some American tv online; Top Chef, Grey’s Anatomy, Modern Family, Vampire Diaries. Don’t judge me!

12:30- Must eat lunch. Have nothing to eat for lunch, go to grocery store (which I do 6 days a week). Decide on what I will make for dinner.

13:15- Check the shoe count of the neighbors downstairs hallway as I am convinced they are secret agents/spies. The shoe count lets me know if they are home or not, and if this seems weird, which it kinda is- I have a story for that. A few weeks ago the delivery guy left two packages for the neighbors downstairs. Normally they receive notification that we have their packages. A week and a half went by and they never came. Soon I started knocking on their door to give them their packages, but no luck. Then I started stalking them. And based on my stalking, I’ve realized these people are very, very shady. Eventually figured out when they were home by shoe count, and left their packages by the door. Creepy spies.

13:30- Start making bread dough and doing the dishes, cleaning, blah blah blah.

14:20- 16- Gilmore Girls on German TV. Sometimes I even understand what they are saying, which is tough because they speak really fast even in English.


16:30- Prep dessert for later.

16:55- Friends in German!! 

17-19- Make dinner. And if it seems that taking 2 hours to make dinner is weird, well I’m very thorough and intense about dinner now that I don’t work.

Throughout the day, I daydream about; winning the gold medal in pastry arts in the culinary olympics, writing a bestselling novel and selling the rights to a famous director, traveling around and laughing while drinking champagne on a terrace overlooking some awesome city, writing food articles for Bon Appetit, and having a British butler that covers up my crime-fighting ways.

Did you really just yawn while reading this? I loved this life, it’s fun and a little boring backslash lonely sometimes but its been very non-stressful. And besides, next week I start work and I won’t get to do half of these things ever again. My days will be full of children and running around and making quick dinners. Life is always an adventure.


2 thoughts on “Being a Normal Domestic Goddess is Hard

  1. Haha. I admire that you get dressed while at home. If I’m in my flat, I’m in pajama pants. But that’s also because I tend to get things dirty insanely easily and it’s just safer to wear pjs then to wash jeans/dress pants on a daily basis.

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