I’m on my way now

So after many trials and tribulations, tomorrow is my appointment for my residence and work permit. Woohoooo! This now means that I will finally be able to start my job as an educator, a job that has been held for me for the last 2 1/2 months. This now means that I don’t have to sit around watching the Gilmore Girls, or cleaning every inch of our apartment, which is almost never dirty. I have spent a lot of time reflecting, creating recipes, and making large pots of soup. I do yoga, drink tea, and listen to new music. Sure this sounds good for a little while, but after 3 months of this, it has lost its charm. 

While I’ve been reflecting I’ve considered my role here in Germany, something I suspect and suggest all expats do. Who was I back in the US? Well I received my 4 year degree (highly competitive) in pastry arts, which means that I, along with all of my school friends, are pretty awesome, classically trained chefs. Believe me, I’m proud of my own accomplishments in this industry mostly because I survived ironing chef jackets everyday, long lectures about the history of royal icing and such, getting yelled at by too many Swiss chefs, and a very French Chef Bocquier yelled at me for whistling and shooting an empty egg crate into the garbage like a basketball player which is certainly NOT ALLOWED IN THE BAKESHOP (imagine that being yelled at you in a thick French accent, it’s terrifying)!  However, I’m even more proud of my amazingly talented and incredibly smart friends, who are the ones I call for help, and who I will trust to make my wedding cake if the time comes. But I’m not a pastry chef here.

I’m a librarian, something I knew I would be since I was about 10. After pastry school, I went to school for Library & Information Science. I went to prestigious Simmons College, another great accomplishment for me; Simmons is not a super easy school to get into and importantly most of the students in the program just graduated from Harvard which can make someone like me a little worried about fitting in. But I did, and I did well. But then the price tag came, and I realized Florida is pretty cheap. I met some superbly cool people in Florida, including the G-Man, and I loved learning library science there. But I’m not a librarian here either.

Does this mean that I won’t be a librarian or a chef again, did I give up both of those things for Germany? Not at all, I’ll find a new way to do what I love. Who knows maybe I’ll finally get to finishing up that cookbook. But here is the lesson, no one can take away your best moments and accomplishments. I am good at being a chef and a librarian, and I’m ok at a lot of other things. I’m relatively intelligent, I’m optimistic when I want to be, realistic when I have to be, and above else, happy. Germany is teaching me to slow down and enjoy life, because there is so much to do and see. I’m also learning that even in my mid 20s I’m still susceptible to bullies and people who try to take away my joie de vivre, and I don’t think that’s cool. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all, because I have a lot of great things going on and I’ll only keep people in my life that can understand that and enjoy that with me. 

So here’s to a work and residence permit. Here’s to a new job as a teacher. Here’s to happiness.




One thought on “I’m on my way now

  1. SO happy to have found your blog! I moved to Wolfsburg (also for love!) a few months ago, and I have been asking myself the exact same questions. Back home, I was a journalist/writer/social media editor. Here, I’m a… stay at home mom (ok, I’m much more than that, but that’s how I spend my days instead of going to work now). Which is cool for the moment, but I definitely miss having a career. Still, it’s forcing me to figure out who I am, what I want to be, what I REALLY want out of life–in short, soul searching. But it’s a good thing. Ok, didn’t mean to write a book, but again–glad I found this.:)

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