This Year

So I’ve been in Nürnberg for over 4 months now; I have my 3 year Visa, a job, a primary care doctor, (yet to have a dentist since I’m really not into that whole thing), I have a routine, I’m picking up the language, and I’m making plans, big plans. 

I spent Christmas with the G-Man’s family and that was superb. For everyone who thinks Germans are cold and detached, you’re wrong. I think people from Mass are actually colder. That’s not to say that Germans are going to embrace you or even smile at you if they don’t know you, but if you smile first, they might, and if they get to know you, they’ll embrace you too. Nevertheless, I brought lemon cookies and double chocolate cupcakes and was treated to a warm, kind and loving feast. And also I got gifts!!! I got an iHome AND (wait for it…) a Le Creuset dutch oven. NO LIE!! Years of desiring have paid off, and now I too, have a dutch oven!!! I already made beef stew and I hope to make a roast this weekend. I would have taken pictures but I misplaced my camera charger. It most likely is hiding with the other various items that are lost in my apartment OR as the G-Man says, a house leprechaun stole these items. Apparently, there is a German children’s tv show about this. ANYWAY, loved, loved my Christmas holiday surrounded by an amazing German family and noshing on some of the best food I’ve ever had.

Which brings me to my New Year’s resolutions list:

1. Lose 30-40 pounds, then I will not only be at a really great weight but I could wear a bikini and people would be like, whoa that girl is wearing a bikini and nothing is hanging out of it.

2. Travel more around Europe, I have way too many places to see. And now, because I’ve traveled quite a bit around the US, I have accrued enough skymiles for two roundtrip tickets in Europe. Heck yeah!

3. Exercise more.

4. Go to more museums, there are so many here!

5. Be happier.

6. Be more social!

Snow falling outside my window

And that is it for me. I hope all of you had an amazing holiday vacation and you made some resolutions you are really interested in keeping. I know my big ole’ butt is working hard on those resolutions. Especially because this year, I want to be a happier person than I was last year. Although last year was a monumental year for me, what with up and quitting my job in NYC, moving here, struggling, personal training… you name it. But I did all that struggling and here I am, in love and smiling. Now I need to make sure I can make that happiness apart of every aspect of my life because if not this year, when?



2 thoughts on “This Year

  1. Yay for Le Creuset! What color did you get? I’ve been lusting after one lately, but for now, I’ll probably just end up thrifting a dutch oven.

  2. I just saw that TK Maxx is here! Well, Schweinfurt is the closest to me…I am soo hoping it´s like TJ Maxx in New Jersey……specifically for cheap Le Creuset. Fingers crossed. New kitchen stuff is sooo exciting. I just broke down and got a handblender. I´ve been a soup and homemade sauces and salad dressing fiend the last week.

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