Bucket List

I was looking over blogs by other expats, and I realized that I never wrote my bucket list down in my life. Not once. Sure there are plenty of things I want to do, but actually organizing them and making them happen hasn’t been my prime motivation. So here is my bucket list, now that I’m abroad, I’m in love, and I can actually work on crossing them off.

1. Take an Italian cooking class in Italy by an old woman who slaps you with a wooden spoon when you get something wrong and laughs at all of your follies. But those aren’t specific necessities.

2. Learn to make especially awesome spätzle. And then brag about it all the time, ad nauseam.

3. Write an article for Bon Appetit. Getting it published would be awesome too, but it’ll be enough for me to have tried and failed then never have tried at all.

4. Sit on an almost deserted beach while watching the sunset and drinking a fruity exotic drink out of a coconut.

5. Go swimming in an indoor pool with glass walls and ceiling at night with music playing from my iPod.

6. Get professional photos taken by Bello Photography. They seem pretty frickin’ cool.

7.  Be able to speak full sentences in French, German, and Italian. My French and Italian need  work and my German is…. difficult.

8. Go to Australia.

9. Have and raise a lovely family with G-Man, and teach our kids important things like how to make ice cream sundaes and how to beat everyone at Bocce. These are the things I’m especially good at.

10. Man up and sing a song during Karaoke. Like Kiss From a Rose or something.

11. Become quite good at photography so I can take pictures of my children at least half as good as this guy: http://kristinandkayla.blogspot.de/

12. Write a best-selling novel.

13. Throw a kick-ass, over the top party.

More to come!


5 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. The first one is definitely my favorite!
    I’ve started working on a list of things I want to do before I turn 30. It’s not super ambitious, just little things that I’ve always wanted to do (or should have done), but haven’t yet.

  2. I can help you with the Spaetzle! Mine, some say, are better than Omi’s! 🙂 xoxo

  3. im down to help with the party bit. and i agree with the spätzle bit. as far as an indoor pool with glass at night… therme erding would be the place but its a full nude co-ed sauna resort. BUT if you are there the whole day its totally worth the day pass. not to mention only older people ever go so it definitely helps with the feeling better about being naked bit. because no one gives a damn.

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