Why I’ve been Absent and Overcoming Bad Circumstances

Please disregard my absence, I’ve been busy making plans and trying to work out things. Also my job has been beyond stressful these last 2 weeks. But now I’m on my 2 week vacation, which I feel is not only much deserved but well-earned. What am I going to do with my time?

I’m going to Italy of course!!! And making an appointment to get married in Germany too<—– more on that later.

I’ve been also reading a few books about living abroad and how to be happy in life. Despite my reluctance, they were actually really good. I know what I’m going through is normal, and even though it sucks, it’s still quite manageable. As for life, I have a lot of thinking to do. What do I want, where do I want to go, how am I going to do it? And do I apply too much pressure on myself and make unreachable goals? Lots of good questions without a lot of answers. But they’ll come eventually. At this point, I really have to go with the flow, and most people who know me also know this is not my strong suit.

But I do know that I love living in Europe- I don’t love the people much here yet; my attempts at making/retaining genuine friendship, however wholeheartedly I try, haven’t been as awesomely successful as expected. But I’ll keep at it. Working in Germany has been increasingly difficult….. has anyone else come here from America and worked a job that was far below your paying/respectable/skill set requirements standards? If so, how did you overcome that?? My boss at work is one of my least favorite people and I found out that I’m literally the bottom on the totem pole at work, title and pay-wise, and yet I have the same educational success as my boss. How do I overcome that? Anyone with knowledgeable advice on this subject, please respond. All of my life I’ve been ambitious, successful and never short on work. I’ve at least been respected. But this….this makes me feel completely inconsolable. I’ve worked hard back home, and finding a job there can be trying but thankfully, I’m sometimes quite smart and I have a great education, so I usually find a way. Here, I feel like there is nothing I can do.  Please help me on this….

In other areas, I’m really trying hard. I’m hoping to not only have my Thanksgiving extravaganza again this year, but having a small Halloween get-together also. I need to cook like I used to, and have fun again. I’m pretty sure these worry wrinkles will at least get a bit smaller. Anyone else trying to get out there and try to be more social?

Thanks for reading and I’ll let you know how Italy goes!!



7 thoughts on “Why I’ve been Absent and Overcoming Bad Circumstances

  1. I’m glad you’re finding your stride. You definitely need to get cooking like you used to – everything I tried that you made down here was amazing! BTW, I’ve been looking around for a vintage Le Creuset dutch oven, and it made me think of you 🙂

  2. Have fun in Italy! I’m right there with you in trying to be more social. I’m especially trying to get back into a rhythm like that before winter comes, because last winter (my first German one), all I wanted to do was stay inside and brood…S.A.D. is real! I can’t help you with the work questions (:(), but if you have any wedding questions, shoot them my way!

  3. Soweit ich das gelesen habe hast du mehere Ausbildungen in den USA gemacht und arbeitest nun in einer Kinderbetreuung?

    Nürnberg ist Bayern und die sind sehr traditionell. Ich mag sie nicht so besonders :D. Dh die Probleme die du mit deiner , vermutlichen sehr warmen und öffnen Art kann dort falsch aufstosen.

    Ich hab einen Kollegen aus Ägypten. Der schon gut Deutsch reden kann. Das Problem ist das er einige Eigenheiten aus Arabisch übernimmt und manchen Ausdruck komisch ausspricht.

    Wenn jemand nicht sauber Deutsch redet wird diese Person als “schlechter” ausgebildet angesehen. So wie der Südstaaten hillbilly Akzent mit jemand weniger ausgebildeten in den USA assoziiert wird.

    Das ist meinen Freund auch passiert , super Ausgebildet und besser als die meisten Deutschen im Büro und trozdem als “nicht so clever” bei Kollegen angesehen.

    Traditionell sind die Äusländer in Deutschland schlechter ausgebildet und arbeiten in schlechter ausgebildeten Berufen. Das ändet sich, dein Mr G und ich gehören der neuen Generation die damit offener umgeht.

    Auch musst du verstehen das dein Chef ein alt 68 linker byrischer Sponk ist. . Diese Leute mögen keine Amis. (http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/68er-Bewegung). (Zumindest denke ich das , frag deinen Mann ob das ist).

    Was nun tun?
    1. Deutsch lernen http://metaebene.me/ ein Podcast der sauberes Deutsch spricht. Viele Themen einfach während des Tages anhören. Lad dir Dendemann und Blumentopf herrunter (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8sVXGe7YdA). Bester Deutscher Hip Hop (dein Freund müsste Blumentopf mögen sind aus München). Wenn du deutschen Hip Hop verstehst – verstehst du Deutsch.

    2. Titel anerkennen lassen. So wie ich verstehe ist es in den USA kein Problem einen sehr verrückten Lebenslauf zu führen. Heute Koch morgen Programmierer und so weiter. In Deutschland mag man lieber sehr lineare Lebensläufe. Vieleicht hier einige Weiterbildungen in deinen Beruf machen um eine klare Lienie zu bekommen. Das Arbeitsamt / private Jobbetreuer können sehr Hilfreich sein.

    3. Vereine , Deutschland ist ein Land der Vereine. Es gibt Waffen Vereine , Landfrauen Vereine. Es gibt sogar Big Sister nun hier. Suche dir welche raus. Dort triffst du auf Deutsche und soziales mitwirken wird von 68ern gern gesehen!


    1. Thanks very much! My G-Man translated for me, so I understand you now. Thanks for your input, I really appreciate it.

  4. Hi! I just read your blog for the first time, not all your posts but quite a lot of them. I moved from the UK to Germany just four months after you, again in order to overcome a long distance relationship and to live with my boyfriend. Like you and G-man, we met very unexpectedly too. Before I met him I never had any plans of living abroad, but that obviously changed!!
    I just found reading your posts really echoed so many of my own experiences and emotions. The cultural differences, feelings of isolation/loneliness, difficulties in making meaningful friendships, the obvious struggle of daily life in a foreign language, and sometimes finding it a little difficult to cope, the whole job-seeking thing or working in a totally different environment, as well as all the wonderful experiences you have from living in a new place and a different culture. Occasionally people have commented on my blog and let me know that they have felt the same before and it really helped me to know that it wasn’t just me! So, hopefully this comment is a little useful for you too 🙂 I’ll definitely keep reading your blog – keep it up! I’m in Würzburg, so not huuuge distances from Nürnberg. If you ever visit Würzburg, let me know and maybe we could have a coffee (although we don’t have a Starbucks! :p). My blog is here below if you’re interested.

    1. Thank you so much Jenny! This was very nice to read and did make me feel less alone. Würzburg is pretty close, if you are ever in Nürnberg, let me know too. I could use a little meetup in English! Thanks for your blog link, I love reading other perspectives for sure!!

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