Leipzig and Coldplay Concert

Yet again, when it rains it pours for me here in Germany; I get a bit of a cold that turns into a sinus infection with an ear infection, a fever and the makings on bronchitis. Not to mention, whenever I start to get bronchitis I somehow manage to create spinal blockage. Sounds horrible right? Ach, it sucks.

ANYWAY, I bought Coldplay tickets many, many weeks ago and I was so over the moon. I’ve always wanted to see Coldplay, and each time I had the chance I chickened out because no one would go with me. Little known fact about me: I have an anxiety problem in crowds. Sure no one feels incredibly comfortable in crowds, except to say that I start having a difficult time breathing, I feel suffocated, insecure, anxious, paranoid…. just terrible. But if I really want to see something, I try to overcome this and now that I have the G-Man with me, I can do this while wrapped in his arms, creating an anxiety-free cocoon. Well maybe not anxiety-free but manageable. So this is how it goes; I’m sick and anxious and surrounded by no-boundries Germans. I say this because Germans get all up in your space and they won’t apologize, say excuse-me, they just do whatever the hell they want. Ask any expat about this, and they’ll agree. Germans do not care that you are standing there, they will cut you, push you aside as if you don’t exist. And Leipzig, East Germany, not very pretty with Germans that speak in a really funny accent was no different. This did not have the makings of the best concert for me.

However, it was the very best concert I’ve ever been to in my life. It was stunning, and although the Germans did aggravate me I overcame it once Coldplay came out. 

First let me say this; Coldplay doesn’t just give you a performance, they give you an experience.  They make you feel special. You get these light up wristbands, so colorful and cool, they have fireworks and clouds of confetti floating down on you, and splattered painted beach balls, and they prove how talented they are live. This made me forget about how sick I was at that moment, I was that engrossed. It was romantic and fun, beautiful and unforgettable. So after all my griping about being ill and wah wah wah, I had the best experience ever. I got so wrapped up I missed taking pictures, but I did capture just 2. Now I’ll certainly have to see them again so I can relive the splendor.

Thanks Coldplay for everything! You are truly the best!! And to anyone reading this, go see them. You will not regret it, even if the next day you cannot function with a high fever, body aches and loud coughing that disturbs your neighbors. Worth it!


2 thoughts on “Leipzig and Coldplay Concert

  1. Preach!! The Germans are so RUDE when it comes to boundaries. I can’t stand that at all. Even in the grocery store, they just push you around.

    I’m so glad you were able to go even if you were feeling under the weather! I’m beyond jealous and so wish I could have gone!! Thanks for sharing!! xoxoxo

  2. One of my friends from high school is a roadie on Coldplay’s tour. It’s cool to think that both of you were in the same place at the same time.

    I get crowd anxiety too. I really like to have my own personal space, and I hate it when strangers get all up in it.

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