Oh the Places You’ll Go

Just because I love to wander, doesn’t mean I’m lost. Sure, I  can settle for a while, but then my feet start itching for new grounds, at least for a little while. I haven’t seen much in this world yet, and I think it’s time I write a list of places I’ve been and a list of places I must see.

Here is the short list of countries I’ve traveled to so far:

1. US, naturally, my home country

2. Canada

3. Italy

4. Austria

5. Ireland

6. Germany

7. Bahamas

Cities I’ve seen back in America;

1. Sarasota/ Bradenton/Tampa/ Orlando/ Miami/ The Keys…. ya know, Florida

2. Boston, my home city, and most cities in Mass

3. New York City, my second home city, Albany, Lake George, Buffalo, Chautauqua, etc

4. Chapel Hill, NC. Beautiful place even though I had a very discriminating experience there.

5. Providence, third home city.

6. Pretty much all major cities in CT

7. San Francisco (love it here), LA, Lake Tahoe, Carmel, Napa

8. Reno, hate this place

9. Austin, Texas. Very short day trip around in between long flights

10. Eerie, PA

11. Virginia Beach, and around VA

12. Ocean City

Places I REALLY WANT TO GO in order of importance:

1. Paris and the South

2. Sydney and Melbourne

3. Barcelona

4. Rome and Positano

5. Chicago

6. Amsterdam

7. Maine

8. Switzerland

9. Savannah, GA

10. Vancouver  and then I’ll swoop down to Portland

11. London

12. Hawaii

13. St. Thomas, ABC and VIrgin Islands

14. Morocco (if it’s safe)

What do you think? Did I miss some great cities in my list? Where do you want to go? 


2 thoughts on “Oh the Places You’ll Go

  1. Add Turks and Caicos! Amazingggg and so relaxing there. I liked it better than St Thomas. You will love Savannah. When you go, visit Tybee Island there. That’s where I’m getting married next year. 🙂 Places I want to go to are: Thailand and Europe.

  2. Charleston, SC while you are in Savannah. 2 hour drive from there. I actually prefer it to Savannah. I’d add Istanbul also! LOVED it.
    If you go to Maine, I recommend Linekin Bay Resort in Boothbay Harbor- especially if you sail.

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