It’s a New Year, It’s a New Life

Well not yet. This was a super tough year for me; adjusting to life here, trying to learn German (that didn’t go so well, I realized Germany Wall Anniversarythat I have a very difficult learning style when it comes to languages, and the formal setting is not for me!), I was sick ALL THE TIME, we had a very sad and personal loss in this month, missing home like crazy, not feeling like I fit in here or even understand this culture, and the job of doom, which preoccupied me much more than anything else! But it wasn’t all bad, I got married, I traveled to Italy (LOVE ITALY!), I went to Vienna, we had a hectic but nice trip back to the US in March together, I fell back in love with NYC in October, I quit the job of doom and a giant weight was lifted in that act alone. We move into a new apartment in a month that is bigger and not a fourth floor walk-up, and is closer to the park.

I have big plans for next year too. Since I’ll be out of work I’m going to attempt doing a yoga program, working out at the gym (which is even closer now!) 4-5 days a week, home decorating, maybe painting, figuring out my new life, and focusing on making 292860_472965106060024_248106176_nmyself happier when it seems that German makes me miserable, at least for now. I was really, REALLY, interested in getting a dog this year; I thought it would be a nice way to feel connected, motivated to get out and see more on long walks, taking care of and being cared for by something/someone other than my husband. And of course, I wanted a dog friend since I graduated high school, it’s a stepping stone in adulthood right? But the G-Man won’t agree to it, he says we travel 2-3 times a year and WHERE would our dog go? I think this is a German sentiment though because I was speaking to someone here once about their wedding and their in-laws wouldn’t come because they couldn’t bring the dog. It has been a topic that has been discussed over and over in detail but there is absolutely no solution. Totally sad.

I was also thinking about moving back home for a few months, finding success again as a librarian or a pastry chef, and just taking a break from my German life. That way I could feel like I’m in control, gain back the confidence I lost in my professional life, I could have friends again!, and I wouldn’t have to spend so much time alone because I’m not that funny or entertaining to myself anymore and I think that comes with getting older. I watched WAY too many episodes of Gilmore Girls since coming here, and I’ve gained nearly 10 kilos/ 20 pounds since coming here. Wouldn’t a break back home put me in a better mindset??! But alas, how could I give up my German Face? Ayyyyyye!

So after all my brainstorming with you guys, I think I’ll figure it all out. Moving abroad has made me more self-focused than IA light painting of the year 2013 written against a black background would like, but when you spend a lot of time alone and you are a bit miserable, it’s hard not to be that way, right? So I’ll try to find ways to make myself happier over here, and that in turn will make my adjustment better, and who knows, maybe I’ll even grow to love Germany? Stranger things have happened! Anyway Happy New Year to all of you and I hope I will be more positive and on the  better side of being an expat next year!!! Best wishes 🙂



7 thoughts on “It’s a New Year, It’s a New Life

  1. Maybe you could look for someone who also has a dog and who would be okay with mutually fostering dogs when one of you is traveling? Chances are that via the animal shelter or some animal lovers association you might find somebody. But G-man is right: having a dog really can be a problem – especially if you want to find work again or for any reason cannot permanently look after it. You should also check your lease agreement first whether you are allowed to keep dogs. You might well need your landlords prior consent – and he might not be able to give it because he himself may be bound by the decisions of the condominium owner’s association.
    Maybe some other animals might be an option? E. g. my daughter has pet rats. They are as social as dogs, can be potty-trained, tought tricks, like to play with humans and are much easier to keep. You could also leave them on their own in case you start working again (provided you have more than one as they are very social animals and hate loneliness) or take them with you when you travel (some airlines might give you problems though). However, they like chewing on cables, furniture etc.

    1. Well I just went to the doc here and after a test, I found out I’m extremely allergic to cats, dogs, anything with fur or feathers lol. So Thanks for the advice, and I really appreciate your comments. I guess it all worked out.

  2. I’m trying to convince Carlo to get a dog now too. He absolutely will not accept a cat, but I might be able to get him to agree to a dog.

  3. Don’t get a dog. Your husband is right. Not having the responsibility of a dog you can get away whenever you are feeling down. Take a cheap flight on Easyjet or Ryanair to London, Barcelona, Prag, Venice, Rome, Nice, Paris, Istanbul, for a long weekend, any where they fly when rates are low. The advantages of living in Europe is visiting all these other countries. Life is tough living in Bavaria, Germany so look forward to your next trip. I bought Easyjet tickets to Rome and then we flew to London just before Chrismas returned Christmas Eve for a family of four for 500 euros round trip.

    1. I actually took your advice and booked a trip to Paris. Thanks very much, sometimes I forget that I can escape for relatively little and have a great time!!

  4. Hi!

    I just discovered your blog a few hours ago and have proceeded to read each entry in full and with great interest. I am a Hawaiian living in Chicago longing to return to Nurnberg where I spent some childhood years as an army brat. My plans are coming to a head and I hope to move myself and my family (husband, daughter, son and dog) over this year. It has been in my design to return to Nurnberg since I was 8 years old and that burning desire has never subsided.
    I thoroughly enjoy reading your take on life in Germany for 2 reasons: 1) because I speak German, I think that your perspective is one that will match more closely to my husbands (who does not speak the language) and 2) I want to connect with you and be friends and hang out when I get there. I understand that the latter may seem creepy—ok, it is but I promise I am pretty cool, somewhat intelligent, and enjoy a humorous conversation—but I could use some inside help on moving there and all of the paperwork and red tape associated with expat life.
    Congratulations on your wedding and I can’t wait to read more from you and your journey!

  5. Hi Ellie, by chance I came about thread in where somebody was looking for English-speaking expats in Nurnberg. It made me think of you. Maybe you want to check out?

    You will find it at when navigating to: Discussion forum > South Germany > Franken & Oberpfalz > Life in Franken & Oberpfalz

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