New Apartment, Paris, New York, Florida, Providence, Home.

All in the upcoming months! After reading advice on here, I decided that I should take a trip to see a new place, find myself Paris-2012-1024x640somewhere else for a little while. So I booked a cheap trip to Paris for a week next month and I’m really excited. Although I’m going alone so far, I am meeting up with friends and I’m looking forward to shopping and exploring. And snapping awesome unforgettable pictures naturally. (I’ll try at any rate.)

We move into our new apartment this week and next, and I cannot even explain the relief. We have much more space, which you know isn’t easy to come by in Europe, we have a second bedroom, two bathrooms, and it is actually warm in comparison to our incredibly humble abode now that is ALWAYS FREEZING. Not to mention, we won’t have to do a fourth floor walk-up anymore which was hell moving into and difficult leaving when I was sick with anything causing my asthma to flair. Which as it turns out, is in fact, every infection I’ve had. So we have a lot st.pete_going on, and it’s all pretty good.

I’ve been sick (of course) with chronic sinusitis and now it’s getting serious. If you are a person with allergies and you want to move abroad, be ready to have some serious problems when you do. Now this isn’t a deterrent by any means, but know that when you have allergies they can worsen and change in new locations where new germs are prevalent. This has been my case. I cannot take any homeopathic stuff, those don’t work for me. I cannot take any more antibiotics, those work temporarily but never actually fix the problem. I tried holistic medicine (Germans are all about homeopathic and holistic) and that has not been useful either. SO we are now going a different track to assess a treatment that works for me. I think the whole thing is a bit nerve-wracking but I’ll do what it takes to be healthy again.

I think this year is already an improvement to last. If not because we are being proactive in our happiness by moving and phototraveling more than because we are more willing and determined than ever to care about ourselves as much as we care about each other. I want this year to be the year I do something I’m truly proud of, and to make peace with the fact that I live in Germany with my husband. I may not have many friends and I don’t really know my place here yet, I’m definitely going to try harder this time around.



2 thoughts on “New Apartment, Paris, New York, Florida, Providence, Home.

  1. So happy to hear about all of the new and exciting positive changes coming your way! I have always had massive allergies too but discovered that gluten was the root cause of most of it. Hopefully, I won’t have a ton of issues over there. If I do, we can commiserate together. 🙂

  2. Hi! Another American girl that just stumbled upon your blog here! Sounds like a positive start to the year. You’ll love Paris!
    And I hear you about being proactive about your happiness–that’s my goal for this year!

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