One Last Thing Before I Go

So I said I wouldn’t post again till after America, but you know, here I am a’posting so I guess I fibbed. Anyway, my friend at Heather Goes to Deutschland, is a cheerful and happy expat that actually travels all around Europe (unlike me, who is a bit of an odd homebody sometimes) and is pretty well-adjusted to the German way of life. I suggest everyone who seeks adventure vicariously (like myself) goes over there for a visit on her blog, plus she doesn’t complain nearly as much as me, which might be a welcome departure from my last posts. Sorry about that. 

ANYWAY, Heather recently wrote about things she’s not sorry about. And it got me to thinking about what I’m not sorry about either, especially in regards to being an expat. So here are a few.

I’M SORRY,  but I’m not sorry:

….that I don’t like David Hasselhoff, I know the Germans are sweet on him, I mean they play Knight Rider everyday at noon (which, is disgusting that I know that) but he’s not my cup of tea. I also don’t like Jennifer Aniston, or John Boehner, sometimes these things just David+Hasselhoffhappen. Sorry Hoff fans.

….that I feel compelled to share my concerns/ worries/ complaints/ feelings on my blog. Yes, I know I’m annoying sometimes and maybe even a bit depressing, but I promise I’m not a horrible person. I just have a difficult time adjusting to places, and believe me, I’ve been like this no matter where I go till I’ve spent a few months (Florida and Providence), a year (NYC), or two (hopefully Germany). I think Germany is the toughest because of the culture/language barriers, but that improves the more I socialize.

….that I like to stop and look at things in the grocery store, out of people’s way, of course. I do like looking at packages, reading contents, or checking the fruit. Germans all do these things, they just don’t mind pushing you over, bumping you into a wall, running over your foot with their carts, or shoving you aside as if you don’t exist. I feel incredibly anxious sometimes when shopping because I have to hurry or I’ll end up with another bruise on my upper arm.

….that I love the way Germans bag their own groceries and the checkout lines move steadily. I know this isn’t everyone’s thing, but I love that they scan your stuff, you grab it fast and bag it, pay and your done. It’s so much quicker imagesthan having someone else bag it. So I too, like the Germans, get annoyed when someone is holding up the line.

…..that I love to make up songs for literally anything. G-Man’s favorite soccer team, BVB has two new anthems sung and created by me. They aren’t very good and they lack a lot of comprehensible lyrics, but it’s my way of contributing to the world. I’m always singing something, usually incorrectly.

…. that I love baking so much. I mean yeah I’m a professional chef, but still, it’s so much fun and I’m not sorry that people are blaming their possibly larger guts on me. I didn’t tell you to eat all of it, I asked you to try it.

….for not bs-ing you. I just don’t do it. If you tell me all about your problematic boyfriend and he sounds horrible and is making your life horrible, I won’t lie and say, yeah it’ll be fine, I like him, or I want to meet him. If you have a problem and you come to me, we can talk about it for about 30 minutes but after that, I’ll offer some solutions. If you don’t want to hear those, don’t talk to me about your problems. I’m not a lingerer, life is too short to be talking about one problem for too long.P1070203

….for understanding that it’s not my fault all the time, and sometimes having to walk away from people. I can’t always be the one picking up the slack, making the effort, being there for someone, when they can’t or won’t do the same. I give 100% to relationships, and I won’t tolerate being bullied, belittled or intimidated by anyone anymore. I used to think it was my fault, I was the problem, but it’s not me all the time. And I have to stick up for myself, because you have to be your own biggest fan, your own biggest supporter!

…. that I love talking about food. Yes, I know it’s boring to some people, and yes I know it’s a bit weird. But food is delicious, and you need it to live, which makes everyone a foodie. Can’t we please talk about it?

…that I don’t enjoy working out at the gym. I know the gym promises to be my best friend in helping me achieve a slimmer, healthier me, but I go 3 times a week for a few months now and I still don’t love it. I do it because it’s good for me, but just know, I don’t share your enthusiasm for it.

…..(and on that same subject) that I don’t want to be a skinny minny. Yes I know i”m chubtastic, but I went to a nutritionist for 6 months and she told me food is not my problem, my structure is just larger, and then I lost 80 pounds just by walking and eating more. Now I will go about losing weight again, but I don’t want to be as thin as those lollipops in Hollywood. I find this perpetual need for thinness a bit gross really. I don’t want to see all of my ribs in my ribcage, I can see my collarbone isn’t that enough? If my doctor thinks I’m good, why does it bother so many people?

Photo 24….for not knowing all these pop music superstars or new hip terms. I just figured out what YOLO meant last week, and I still haven’t heard a song by One Direction, but I heard a Justin Bieber song two weeks ago. I hated it.  I’m just slow with these things, ok?

….that I love being friendly. I love smiling at people, talking to (nonthreatening) strangers, asking people where they’re from, pretty much everything. I’m a naturally friendly person, it’s not forced. I am genuinely interested about how you’re doing, and when I see a sad person in a restaurant sitting alone, I want to go over and make their day a little better. I don’t know how I came to be this way, and why so many other people hate this, but I love being friendly, it has gotten me everywhere.

So thanks for the inspiration Heather, and thanks for reading friends! I’ll be back at it near the end of March! Hope you all have an awesome month! And thanks for reading!


9 thoughts on “One Last Thing Before I Go

  1. Hallo Heather. Frage bitte nicht, wie ich auf den Blog gestoßen bin. Es hat mir viel Spass bereitet deine Eindrücke und Erlebnisse bezüglich Deutschlands zu lesen.
    Ich hoffe, du wirst hier viel Spass und Freude haben, viele Menschen kennenlernen, sowie neue Freundschaften schließen.

  2. Dear ellie,
    Hasselhof is a kind of joke in germany. He said things like his concerts helped reunite germany in times of the wall and something like this. He is a joke for us. Like a running gag in a good show 😉

    1. haha!!! thank you for your German perspective, it’s so nice when Germans comment!! Thanks for reading and for commenting! I can’t stand Hasselhof, so I’m glad to find out they think he’s a joke just like we do.

      1. I really enjoy reading blogs about germany made by foreigners. It is mostly so funny 😀
        Oooh I think you can hardly find someone who really likes Hasselhof… but it sure exist some persons. Reaaaally strange xD

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