America and My German Husband

I had a blast going home, shopping, going to my first wedding, and introducing the G-Man to Dunkin’ images-1Donuts (worst decision ever), and jostling between 3 cities on the east coast: NYC, Tampa, and Providence. I was happy to meet-up with some friends, make new friends, go to some of my old favorite places while finding some new ones.

It also reminded me about why I like Germany; Germans can go on vacation often and experience the world more because they have the time, they have the resources and the desire. They have benefits from their jobs, 6-8 weeks paid vacation, as many sick days you need for when you’re actually I-need-to-see-a-doctor sick, and they don’t have the I-need-to-live-at-work-to-get-ahead mentality. If/when we have children, I expect and suspect the G-Man will spend a lot of time with them because he can, and can afford to as well. Doesn’t that seem nice? IMG_1236

When the G-Man told me how brave and unique I am for moving abroad, I shrugged it off because wouldn’t anyone move somewhere for a one in a lifetime love? I’ve asked this question a lot, and surprisingly it’s not a resounding no, but it’s definitely not a yes either. It takes a lot o’ love and desire for adventure, and it takes a thick skin. My skin isn’t thick, but it’s getting less thin, so that’s a start. Maybe there aren’t a lot of people out there that want to move far away from home for love, maybe those are the fortunate (or unfortunate ones? I’m not sure) who find love next door or a few miles away. They find a love that speaks the same language and has the same culture, and they don’t experience all the great and nearly relationship ending struggles couples like us experience. But possibly, they also don’t experience the great gift of a different perspective sitting next to you on the couch, and being able to go spend a weekend in a foreign country for a fraction of the price. Maybe their future children won’t necessarily speak 2 languages at home either. One isn’t greater than the other, they are just different.

IMG_1240Sure when I’m angry, I wish I could be back home in my familiarity, having never signed up for this multicultural expat life. But then I’d have missed out on being with the very best person I know and love, and that would suck. So you adjust, you learn more about yourself, you forgive a bit more easily and you understand a lot more without hesitation. You complain, you struggle, you get angry and hurt, but you keep experiencing and waiting for that time when it becomes easier. And it will become easier, I’m sure of it. Besides, I have a great husband who made me laugh and smile a lot on this trip home with these gems:

Things the G-Man said/did in America

1. Why did I never try Dunkin Donuts before? Its the best thing ever. It’s so good. Coffee and donuts?  That sign says America runs on Dunkin’ but what about the world? It would be good marketing if they said the world runs on Dunkin’. Maybe there could be one by my office. I’d like that….. But it’s probably a good thing we don’t have it, I’d blow up. (Then he shakes his head). Starbucks is overrated. 28174_10100701611357435_1723459889_n

2. (On reading sign for The Jewish War Veteran’s Highway) What was the Jewish War???

3. What’s the point of having fast cars in America when you can’t even drive fast? It’s like putting an animal in a cage. In Germany, they are free.

4. Maniacally laughed at any Floridian that complained about being cold.

5. Why don’t people stand at hockey games? We always stand at fussball games, how come they sit down? Don’t they like it?

6. Ate 7 different burgers on our trip, and if given more chances, probably would have eaten them for every meal of the day.

7. (After yet another commercial for the Volkswagen Jetta, where the last line is the power of German engineering) That’s right sweetie we are everywhere. Everywhere.

8. His complete amazement/ enthrallment with shows like: I (Almost) Got Away With It, Property Wars, reruns of Family Guy, and Fox News for entertainment value.

9.  Every time he saw previews for Olympus Has Fallen, he’d go: “Honey, come quick!! Olympus has fallen!” Or in the car, we’d be listening to the radio and he would shake his head and say: “I hope the rumors aren’t true.”  And I would ask, what rumors? “That Olympus has fallen.” This happened throughout the trip in many ways, and each time I would fall for it like a loser. And he would laugh his evil German laugh. 544641_10100705823321625_1315536818_n

10. His aversion to getting lost, and complete despise of drivers in Rhode Island and their roads aside, he reminded me why I love him so much. He’s understanding, supportive, makes me laugh, makes me a better person, and tells me things I don’t want to hear but need to hear. He’s absolutely the love of my life, even if he drives me crazy, which on second thought, is probably connected.

Thanks for reading everyone!!!


9 thoughts on “America and My German Husband

  1. I like laughing at Floridians who complain about the cold too. I’ve always lived in Florida, and I still think it’s ridiculous when everyone freaks out when it gets below 60 degrees.

    1. We had a fun time, and to us it was nice and warm. But I guess Florida was getting a “cold chill” with temps in the 70s while we were there.

  2. The Floridians should come over here for a week or two. I also hope they would enjoy the many choice words that came out of my mouth when I looked out the window this morning.

  3. Thank u so much for your blog about your German man. I to am with a German man. He is a military officer. And he is transferring over here so that we can get prepared to move me and my boys back to Germany. With your posting it has giving me a tad of an insight to in a little way what to expect with him. And I have also done a lot of reach search. We believe that God brought us together because it is meant to be in everyway possible. I am ready to experience life and the world with my soon to be new husband. Thank u so much.

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