I’m from Boston. I had my reading bench at Boston Garden, I would like a nice walk through the Commons when the mood struck and it wasn’t busy, and nothing compares to the relationship I have with the Boston Public Library. You could see me running through Ruggles on my way to Simmons, and casually walking through MIT and Northeastern just to see their pace of life. I can’t even count how many times I went to Harvard and went shopping on Newbury. And as a half Irish, half black lady, Boston has always been open and accepting of me. And no matter how hard I try, my Boston accent has never deserted me either.  

So watching the events of the Boston Marathon shook me. And I mean it when I say, my thoughts are with all of those affected, wounded, and forever changed by this event. Because I can tell you, watching this from Germany was unbearable and elicited such an emotional response that I can’t even imagine being there.

Massachusetts people, regardless of what little town of city they come from, are extremely proud and extremely loyal. There’s something in the way we learn, the way we experience and view our homes, that causes this early on. If you came from one of the oldest American cities/states that believes in equality, has a rough around the edges attitude, has some of the worst dressers you’ve ever seen, has the best sports teams in the country, will dump your tea into the harbor just to prove a point, and is resilient beyond belief, you’d be proud and loyal too, as you no doubt are of your own hometowns and states. We just take it to a whole other level. 

I really hope there is justice for this, that all of the victims and injured pull through it, and those grieving find even a small amount of solace in the fact that their state, their city, their country is feeling for them. There is too much violence in this world, and too many attacks that come without warning and without provocation. And vigilance is key, but not always possible. Something has to change, because we can’t go through more Newtowns, World Trade Centers, Boston Marathon attacks, movie theater shootings…. my goodness. Image


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