Random Thoughts on this Rainy Day

I’m not an award-winning blogger; I’m incredibly inconsistent with themes, I don’t travel enough Imagearound Europe to write posts about travel tips and such (how does everyone else afford it?!), I’m a bit of a homebody sometimes…. I like walking through parks but climbing mountains seems like a lot (more power to those hiking lovers out there though, you amaze me). I once, reluctantly, hiked down a mountain in Lake Tahoe and I thought- well this is a joyful experience. And then I realized I had to hike back up it, and that’s when things got real bad, real fast. Needless to say, after getting back to the top with many trials and tribulations, I opted out of doing that ever again. 

I love traveling throughout Europe, but the German and I want to do that together and that is equal to about 2 trips a year. And the American trips are the (naturally) most exorbitant ones, since I don’t really have family or friends that I can stay with comfortably anymore. But all of this is ok, it just means I have a somewhat less exciting blog and expat experience. Add that to my detailing negative experiences that I thought I’d share with people because hey, someone might relate and have advice for me and….. you have the makings of a low-readership, low viewed, not that commented on blog. I wasn’t so self-conscious about it until I saw that quite a few of the blogs I know and read have double the readership, are winning awesome awards (all deserved of course!) and have very little negative things to say about the expat experience because 1. they’re extremely happy, or 2. they don’t get that personal. Maybe these are things I should be doing? 

Either way, I changed the name of my blog because I do want to focus on more of the positive stuff like the fact that I married the hilarious German, and although I do have some negative experiences, they don’t make up my life abroad. I hope I never gave that impression either; it can be hard not to talk about cultural problems and misunderstandings when you live in a foreign country, but it is also really funny and exciting to talk about just how different we are all while also being quite the same. 

The expat community over here in Germany is a lot bigger than I ever knew! You have CHICKhaus, HENhaus, English Stammtisch…. and people help each other!! When I didn’t know these existed, I struggled for answers to common things so I was usually searching away on Toytown Germany, which I’m told is not so nice, and googling everything. I also contacted other expats and tried meet-ups, and tried to make friends but only one or two ever responded, I think I somehow pushed them away or offended them? I’m not sure, I know I’m really sensitive and come off as overly exuberant with wanting to be friends…  at any rate, there are some super nice communities out there that are willing to help and want to meet up! Although if you’re not an idiot like me, you probably found those out a while ago 🙂 

Other things: Roxy Renaissance Cinema in Nürnberg is up and going, and having met the owner, by far one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, I just want to say go and support your local cinema! Most of these movies are in their original English and it has this funky retro feel to it that all older cinemas have; also, why not get a group of friends together and dress up in your 20’s best and go see The Great Gatsby there? Think of how much fun that’d be? Also, Columbia Bakery Cafe, which I mentioned last week, in Fürth is awesome. Best bagels and American sweets you’ll find outside of America, (although let’s be serious, it’s just a great bakery in every sense). So here’s what I’m thinking: we should all get together and go see The Great Gatsby wearing some fun outfits after picking up some cupcakes at Columbia… who’s with me? 

This was my random post, and thanks to all the readers out there that are with me on this journey of not only being an expat, but as I try to do something different. Please feel free to write comments on any changes you think I should make, and any tips you might have. Thanks very much!! 

And as I told The German my plans he only warned me to not make him a celebrity like Britney Spears, but he’s ok with signing autographs. 


17 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on this Rainy Day

    1. Actually, Mandy from Ami in Franken told me. I have no idea how she found it, but she’s definitely more resourceful than me. Where are you? I can try looking stuff up? And thanks for your comment, I wish we lived closer to, I would love to do some funny goofy stuff with fellow expats!

      1. I’ve been searching but I think our area is too small despite being so close to military bases. I live in Rheinland-Pfalz region with the closest big city being Trier. We are only 30 minutes from Luxembourg. Maybe I should search there?

  1. I like the new name – I think it fits well with your blog. Try not to worry too much about how many people read your blog – just write what feels right for you. My blog has changed a lot over the past couple years and my readership is down, but I’m happier overall with what I’m writing, so that’s what matters more.

    1. Thanks Diana. Your blog and commitment to a very natural lifestyle is inspiring. I love reading your blog! For me, I’m just finding my way over here, and I can imagine it’s hard for people to read my work when I haven’t found my place just yet. But thanks for the advice, I have no doubt that you are right.

  2. I´m in for the day, naturally! Side note: going to Columbia Bakery tomorrow with husband, I´ll call tomorrow if you are interested! Thanks for the props, research is my “thing”. I am of the mindset that if I need/want something I should be able to find it somewhere. And let´s TOTALLY go to a Chickhaus event together! Casinos and Castles, I´ll do some searching, see what I can find. Never say never.

    1. Yay!!! Have fun at Columbia, it looks like it will be somewhat nice weather today too. We should go to a Chickhaus thing together, that would be fun!

  3. We’re not a particularly awarded blog either, but we are entirely happy with everything we’ve ever posted. I think that’s the trick: ask yourself if you’re putting out content that you are proud of and that you would like to read if you came across it. If the answer is yes, awesome. If no, something needs tweaking.

    Since you were chronicling your adjustment to life in Germany, I always saw your posts as a way to gain distance on and examine your situation. When a situation is in writing, I find it a little more tangible and less overwhelming.

    1. Thanks very much for your input and feedback. Writing makes me feel better, and it gives me a way to express myself, which I really enjoy! But not all my posts are awesome, so you’re right, I have some tweaking to do. But it is true, writing your problems out gives you a bit of distance and perspective. There are things I don’t share (surprisingly lol), and thank goodness for that. I don’t believe in telling all my personal woes on here. I do believe though, not everything can be sunshine and lollipops either, especially when adjusting to moving abroad. Right?! Thanks again!

  4. Hi! I just happened across your blog through a chain of expat blogs in Bavaria, and I’m so glad I did. I’ll be moving to around your area in only two months (that makes it sound so soon when I say that; I’m kind of scared now) so it’s great to find someone writing about it.

    I think the blogs I most enjoy reading are the ones which cover all sorts of different topics. Yes, I enjoy the ones that focus on one thing I’m interested in too, but the ones that really grab your attention and keep you coming time and again are the ones that are well-written pieces about something the writer is genuinely interested in, as I can see yours are.

    So, hello, and I look forward to reading more from you 🙂

    1. Your comment was so welcome and merry! I’m going to use it every once in a while when I’m feeling low and have no idea why I’m doing what I’m doing because it definitely was a pick-me-up! You know what I mean? Thank you so much for it. Where are you moving within Bavaria? Congratulations!! I like your blog too, it’s so professional and fun. I would actually really love to visit Scotland too, so when I finally get the chance to do so, I’ll have to write you for tips! Thanks again!

  5. I love the new name! And I have never felt that your blog was anything other than honest. Honesty in it’s most personal form requires courage and ability to know who you are a person. Life is not always rainbows and unicorns (though it really should be) but by being open with your reality you have made yourself relatable and real. And those are qualities that SHOULD win awards.

  6. There’s nothing wrong with having a low readership… I think I have maybe 10 readers?

    Also, I am an expert at offending people/pushing them away and never actually managing to figure out what I did wrong. *sigh*.

    Found you via Ami in Franken.

    1. Hello Bevchen!! Nice to meet you!! And thanks for commiserating with me— readership is rough, but I’ve been one of yours for a while now, I found you via Heather Goes to Deutschland.

  7. Hi! Ran (errr, searched) across your blog and I am mildly obsessed. I live in Nuremberg, well, more outside of it really… by the airport. I also am pretty involved in ChicHaus, so I definitely think you should come to an event. Not sure if you like to read, but the next Book Club meeting is coming up and the book looks entertaining and it is being held at a good friend’s house (Erika). The next dinner is in Erlangen, but there will be one in July in Nuremberg. I typically try to go to both since I live in Nuremberg and work in Erlangen. Email me with any questions… arrington.hannah@gmail.com

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