‘Scuse Me While I Kiss The Sky

When I was younger, my Dad would always tell me to move slower and to find my inner chi after I had knocked over a table, 137409_1001042013002294566_STDbroke my hip, broke my foot, just would randomly trip over a box that was completely not in my way, trip up the stairs, have an unusual amount of bad luck, burn myself, get spaghetti sauce on the ceiling…  you get the point- one catastrophe after another. But on our Lake Konstanz vacation, I finally found my inner peace or chi, as my dad put it, for all of 2 glorious days. We breathed in the fresh and rejuvenating air at the spa, he went to the sauna, I ate LOADS of apples, went swimming in the indoor hotel pool that was empty both times I went,  and had way too many After Eight mints. Life was good, relaxed…. Sure it was only for 2 days, and the rest of my pregnancy, life, may never be that relaxed again, but man was I happy.

Now the Hubular aka The German’s vacation is coming to an end, and although we’ve been lounging around the house while also getting a lot of things done on the nursery, I didn’t want to kill him, not even once. I know what you’re thinking, she’s a horrible person. Look, I’ve said it time and time again, I love my husband and our time together, but sometimes he just drives me crazy with his German ways and practicality. He is always trying to teach me time efficiency (no thanks!), how to budget groceries (Yes, I do need to spend more of quality butter sometimes, ok?!), how to load the dishwasher so that we can get the maximum amount of dishes clean at once and not need to run it again for another week (shut up already), and bothering me about expiration dates on items in the refrigerator. As you can imagine, this doesn’t go down well, and so I try to come up with exciting ways to get him off my case while he’s staycationing, otherwise, I fear I might accidentally try to strangle him. Thusly, we’ve been doing nursery work together, I went on the 1-2 times a year Ikea trip without him since he believes Ikea’s only purpose in this world is to ruin his spirit with its evilosity (yes I know that’s not a word… yet), we’ve cooked together so that he learns to not be so stressed cooking for me since he will be expected to make Thanksgiving dinner as the head chef this year; as me and the bump might not be able to fit in the kitchen anymore, and we’ve also spent a lot of time talking about problems and finding solutions. Our relationship needs these periods of loads of time spent together to make up for him 1159558333working so much and coming home drained from the weight of it all.

Meanwhile, I’ve been meeting up with some super awesome expats and international friends, and next weekend I’m off on my last hurrah on a solo trip to Berlin. There, I’m hoping to relax a bit, while also meet up with two other expat ladies- one from Our Journey, His Purpose, and the other from Tatiana In Flux . I’m really looking forward to it. And also to Dunkin’ Donuts. If I’m ever going to make this land my home, I have to start making friends in it by really trying to connect with other people. It’s difficult for me; I can be alarmingly shy sometimes, and nervous about saying/doing anything stupid. But I’m beginning to understand that I have to work myself through it or else, I blabber nonstop to a perfectly lovely expat lady who hails from a town close to my hometown. She didn’t sign up for that!

I’m even throwing my own baby shower/Halloween party (although I have been offered help, thank goodness), and will 1231337_10100940636249635_103288944_nactually invite people to celebrate with me. I’m aware how weird all of that sounds, given someone usually throws you the baby shower, but I don’t know anyone well enough to rely on them to do this for me, and I don’t want to burden someone either.  So I’ll just do it myself. Wish me luck!

So that’s my life right now. For the first time in years, I’m happy with how things are going, where my life is at on some levels, and I’m excited for what the future has in store for me. I’m definitely busy, that’s for sure, but I’m finding my way here, finally and although I still get annoyed with Germans and Germany, I’m learning to not let it drag me down and move me into the downward spiral of misery that it used to. How are all of you doing?


19 thoughts on “‘Scuse Me While I Kiss The Sky

  1. When I meet new people, I either don’t say anything because I’m afraid I’ll embarrass myself or talk too much for fear of seeming anti-social. Neither approach works when it comes to making friends/seeming like a normal human being…

    1. I totally feel you on that, this whole making friends and seeming like a normal person thing is hard. I guess practice makes better, but never perfect. It’s kind of one of those things you have to do as an expat though right?

  2. Berlin is amazing – you’ll have a blast! I read recently that they don’t do baby showers before the baby is born in Germany – they have the party afterwards. Cos that’s what women want – a new baby, exhaustion and a house full of people to entertain 😉 Best of luck with it! 🙂

    1. Give my old stomping grounds – Berlin – a great big hello. I would really love to go there again. Ich hab’ so Heimweh nach dem Kufuerstendamm. Glad you’re adjusting well to your new home. Speaking of Ku’damm, go to Cafe Kranzler and have a Berliner Weisse for me.
      Best wishes

      1. The baby showers superstition thing is a little crazy- once this baby is out I don’t want people over, expecting me to entertain them. Are they crazy?! Makes no sense! And thanks, I’ve been to Berlin before, but it was in the dead of winter and I caught the stomach flu so my enjoyment level was pretty low. Thanks Jim, I’m going be bumping along slowly through the city since I’m about 7 months along now, which also means no Berliner Weisse for me lol, but maybe next time. I will give your old stomping grounds a big hello though for you!

      1. For sure! Just keep at it! I just went out by myself all the time when I got here first – that’s how I met most of the people I know now! Then met other people through them etc, etc! Bars probably aren’t a good option for you though!

  3. Ellie, i have a question if you could take a wild guess, how much money do you feel one person would need to up and move to germany?

    1. Hello Justin, that’s situational. Would you be unemployed? Where are you coming from? I would say take a couple thousand with you, to find a place to live, paperwork costs, and food. Take all you can with you. I came here but with about 1500, but then my now husband rented an apartment for us, and I had a job within 2 months of coming.

    1. I feel incredibly lucky to have my German husband. He’s so different in a lot of ways, and I appreciate that we understand each other despite any cultural misunderstandings. But German women and expat ladies alike who married these German guys agree, they are definitely the most meticulous and overly honest men out there. I could write an entire post on German men and why they have such opinions on everything, you know what I mean!

      1. I hope you write more because this topic is interesting. The German bf and I had a huge blowout about me running the dishwasher too often with too fee items, in addition to putting wet things in the paper bag for the composte. I could seriously flip and leave the country at the moment. 🙂

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