The Germerican Baby

Well, as you guessed, I’ve been busy like nobody’s business mommying my little girl. She’s absolutely amazing, rewarding, exhausting, and did I say amazing? I meant to get on here to write, but you know… I’ve had to resort to pushing her around in a stroller in the house to keep her asleep for longer than an hour. In fact, she’s there right now. I’ve developed my own little tricks already, see?

I’m so completely immersed in mommyhood that I haven’t had the motivation to do much else. I’m constantly taking pictures of her, talking about her, rushing through whatever meals I can get so I can feed her…. it’s wonderful, no lie. I have no real complaints. The G-Man works all day, so it’s me and baby. We have dance parties, I read books that she is clearly not interested in, I put her on her playmat (also not interested yet), we eat, she naps on me while I listen to music. It’s a pretty awesome life.

We have our big American adventure to plan and safe for this year– which I planned on doing back home in Mass but things may bring me more down south to Georgia, so we’ll see. Either way, we don’t want to move around a lot, so we’ll rent a house/apt and go from there. We also have to wait and see whether we will go in October or May/June. Everything seems to be up in the air- which is frustrating to no end, cuz’ I really, REALLY want to go home right now. Not because I’m overly homesick or anything, mostly because I want Olivia to meet all of my family and friends. It’s really tough not being around family and close friends when you have something so big and wonderful to share with them. Ya know? Although the idea of taking a baby on a plane still scares me anyway….

We also want to take mini-trips with baby to German places. I have to be honest with you- I’m a hesitant expat. When I got here I was full of hope and adventure and then crap just started happening and it closed me off in a lot of ways to Germany. I haven’t done much traveling around here, nor was I particularly keen on it either. I wanted to get the heck out of here! Now, I’m trying to go back to being my normally curious self. I want to see some little German villages, and do some funky stuff and get out of this I-hate-Germany mindset I fell into. I’m still not 100% in love with Germany (which if you’ve been reading, you’d know isn’t completely unjustified but still a little unfair), but I’m definitely in love with my German husband and my Germerican baby. So I owe it to everyone to get out more, and try to love this place I’ve been calling home, and let the past be the past. It’s a new year, and I’ve got a whole new life in front of me.  Pampelmuse and Me, a blog I love, is doing a portrait a week of her daughter. And I’d thought I’d do the same. So here is Baby O, once a week.



12 thoughts on “The Germerican Baby

  1. NO GEORGIA!!! Dave and I planned a specific vacation to coincide with your vacation so I could see your face and baby O and to finally meet Christoph!!!!! Blast you Peter Panning!

    1. Don’t worry, I’m still quite certain we’ll be up north. My sister is thinking about moving to GA, and she doesn’t travel anywhere for me, and I want her to meet her niece. But we’ll see. I really just want to go home, and I want you to meet O!!

      1. Don’t say I don’t travel anywhere for you! If I can I will but its not always possible with work and two children especially when they will both be in school.
        By the way I want this pic of Olivia. I haven’t seen it before

      2. That’s exactly what I meant- you can’t travel with work and two young girls! No worries about it, and I didn’t mean it in a bad way. And sent you the pic!

  2. Hi girl! Well, you made it through a long, tough ordeal, but is sounds like you feel it was worth it. She’s beautiful!
    We adopted two little girls – one Chinese Vietnamese and one Cambodian at birth five months apart. They are both 31 now and we celebrated Sarah’s birthday yesterday (she is the Chinese Vietnamese girl). She has an eighteen month-old girl and is now five months pregnant with another baby girl. Marie, our Cambodian baby has a thirteen year old son. Each one of them was a great adventure when they were born and continue to be big events in our lives. As most parents and grandparents will tell you, they will keep you young – after they wear you down lol. Anyway, heartiest congratulations to you both.

    P.S. I hope you make it up to Berlin one of these days, but you probably need to breathe some stateside air first/

    1. Awww you have such a lovely family! I’m only just beginning in this adventure but I can tell it’s going to be the best thing I will ever do. Thank you very much and I’ll head up North one of these days!

  3. So glad to see an update and your beautiful little girl! Glad to hear so much positivity radiating from you! Motherhood has been good for you 🙂

  4. Getting out and about really helps with a case of the ‘I hate germanies’, that and some bitching about it with other expat friends 😉

  5. She’s so beautiful! Glad to hear that you’re getting into the swing of things with Mommyhood. Olivia is definitely good at posing for the camera, so I look forward to more baby portraits 🙂

  6. Hi Allie,

    my name is Susi and I too live in Germany. (Sachsen Anhalt, somewhere between Magdeburg and Halle)

    My husband just found your blog for me and I really love it. I read it all in one day. You seem like one great lady.
    But first things first of course, congrats on that more then beautiful baby. You seem to have had a really rough time, but aren’t babies just so worth it? Again, congrats!

    I read your blog because I found it so very interesting to experience the view of an expat, other then my hubby.
    I am German and I moved to the States as an AuPair in January 2006 and ended up staying till just this past year in July. By now I am married (to an American) and have a daughter (born in the US) with one on the way.
    Now moving back here (I am 30) and living again where I grew up was very strange for me to say the least. I second so many of the things that you have noticed about the Germans. They don’t appreciate personal space to a completely crazy level. I must have been spoiled by American courtesy. My husband hates going grocery shopping. :o)

    Anyway I would love to get to know you a little more. I know of course that you have your hands full (and I am sure are happy about it too), but if you can find any time at all, I would really love to hear from you.
    Not many of my old friends are still in the area and having been gone for 8 years, I don’t really have many (or any) friends left. Also it is really hard to relate to people here like I used to.

    If you are interested my husband (he went to culinary school and is a pastry chef) started his own blog, so if you would like to see a little more of our background story and why we came back here, you can check it out:

    I am really looking forward to hearing from you,


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