Picture 2/52

Sorry I missed last week’s photo!! But here is the beauty queen after her favorite thing; bath time!! This little girl loves her some bath time, especially with bubbles. As a preemie, we can’t expect her to be at the typical size and height of her actual age, at least not till she’s 2 years-old, but she is getting rolly-polly chubtastic and growing like crazy. And she’s up and playing, laughing, and smiling (although that’s hard to capture on camera as I’m usually laughing and smiling like a fool back at her during these moments).

This is a pretty full week ahead of me; I get to meet up with a new expat friend (!!!), I get to meet up with some awesome expat ladies for breakfast (seriously, I’m making friends!), Dunkin’ Donuts opens in Nürnberg (yes, this is a big deal) and we go on our first adventure out with baby to München for baby’s passport, and a visit to Christoph’s family home. I went from doing nothing but taking care of Baby O to making friends and going out, while introducing O to the world.

I feel really happy about my life, AND we are planning our first trip back to America. I still haven’t decided if we’ll pick the northeast or Georgia yet, it’s all cost dependent. My family is spread out and my family home is gone, so we have to rent and you know that whole mess of finding what you want at the price you can afford. Last year, we spent more than we should have- on hotels, domestic flights, gifts, car rentals, taking friends out to dinner…. and we can’t do that again. And it really is all my fault, I love making people happy and being there for my friends and family, but I’m beginning to understand (regrettably late) that not everyone can or will do the same back for me. And that’s not their fault, it’s just…. unfortunate and causes you to evaluate what is worth the time, the effort, and the money. Regardless, I’m sincerely happy and looking forward to the upcoming months with the new and older expat friends I’ve made, the trips we’ll take, the places we’ll see, and watching Baby O grow and grow! How are all of you doing?


11 thoughts on “Picture 2/52

  1. Super cute! Congratulations if I haven’t said it before! And it’s great that you’re getting out there and meeting more people – it really makes life easier!

    1. Thank you very much!! It’s a weird time in my life to begin being more social, but now Baby O is here, it seems like I’m more open to new experiences and getting a bit out of my shy zone.

    1. Thank you Deanna! I really hope to meet you in person too. (Btw, both of your blogs are fantastic!). Happiness, when found, makes a world of difference in your life, right?

  2. She’s a beauty! Children make it possible to meet other parents and grandparents. The doors were open for us when our children were small.

    If you are planning a trip to the States you may want to consider a home exchange. Homeexchange and Homeforexchange are two site we use when we return to the States. We have had many sucessful exchanges through these two sitesand met a lot of very nice people.

    Best wishes.

    1. Thank you very much! I’m not sure we could do a home exchange since we are small apartment living, but I will look into it. Yeah- having a small baby certainly gives you more opportunities to socialize and feel connected, and that’s so awesome!

      1. The size of your apartment should not be an issue. We have exchange our large home for small apartments just to be in our desired location. If your apartment is orderly your exchange partner (a party of 2) will not mind it in fact they may welcome a smaller place.

  3. Ein sehr, sehr huebsches Maedchen! Ich gratuliere Euch beide recht herzlich. Es freut mich auch, dass Ihr eine sehr schwehre Zeit ueberwunden habt. Hoffentlich werden Eure Zukunftsplaene sich alle reibungslos erfuellen.

    Mit herzlichsten Gruessen


  4. Hi there!
    I really enjoy reading about your experiences in Germany and I´m glad to hear they´re getting better with your little bundle of joy! I guess it´s true, children change everything and make life so much more worth living!
    Your blog really inspired me to start my own at some point. I lived in Boston for six years as an adolescent and would LOVE to go back to the states! I miss the super friendly, easy-going people and American lifestyle (Super Bowl and all!!!). That would be something to blog about…:-)
    I can recommend AirBnB if you´re looking for an inexpensive way of traveling.

    Greetings from Munich 😉

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