unnamed-5Copenhagen is magical. If you haven’t been there, you should go—- in fact, if you had planned on going to Paris, just skip that and go to Copenhagen. Not to say Paris isn’t fab, I’m sure it is, but can you find such friendly and English-speaking delightful people there? Stereotypically, with a heavy dose of generalization, no. But you can find all those things in Copenhagen! AND bagels, open-faced sandwiches with delectable salmony treats, sunshine—not only in the sky– but in the welcoming smiles of the Danes cultural countenance, salty black licorice (the grossest thing ever, but they seem to love it), La Glace cakery, and ugh, it was just amazeballs.

I decided to take baby and I’s first solo trip to Copenhagen to meet up with some awesome friends for 4 days. Let me tell you something, if you ever thought traveling alone with a baby was easy and thusly gave the mom/dad dirty looks for not controlling her/his child, give em’ a break, that crap is hard. Out from Nuremberg, it was two 1-hour flights to CPH, a layover in Amsterdam<—best airport because of noodle place, Starbucks and Cadbury caramellos. I was packed like I would never come home again. 4 days=30 diapers. I had backup stuff for my backup stuff. But of course on flight 1, I ran out of milk and dealt with crying baby until the flight attendants helped a sister out. Approx. 5 minutes of crying but it felt like a lifetime and the angry stares were not so nice either. Flight 2- she slept the entire time. Huzzah! Got into CPH, and we were both pretty excited for this adventure.

Then what followed were days of fun and adventure and nights where I couldn’t get more than 1-2 hours of uninterrupted unnamed-6sleep. Little Miss was not about sleeping in another bed than her own, naturally. Ahhh! The second day there I can barely remember just from sheer exhaustion. But by day 3, I was somehow accustomed to sleep deprivation. It also helped that my friends were champs and gave Baby O lots of affection and care so I could shower and sometimes eat. We walked around castles and parks, sat at cool cafés, saw the Little Mermaid statue, botanical gardens, touristy sites, went to the best bakery Meyers Bageri, which as my friend told me and I happily confirmed has the best croissants ever…. And I went to the food hall twice, which I can only sum up as magical. I ate traditional open-faced sandwiches called smørrebrød, Baby O was in paradise the moment we stepped into the (free!) indoor playground, where the Danish parents could not have been nicer.

unnamed-4I can’t even begin to tell you how relieved and more comfortable I felt in Denmark as compared to Germany. The Danes are sweethearts; just so, so much friendlier and easy-going. Baby O was having a meltdown in her buggy in the middle of a busy street when a mom with two sons stopped in front of us, she bent down and spoke to O, made her smile while one of the sons was patting her arm. O quieted down immediately, smiled…. it was amazing. I mean I can calm that baby down, but when someone else can do it for me? Sometimes, especially then, I needed it. And she commiserated with me, was so helpful and kind. Gosh— what I wouldn’t give to have that sort of exchange here in NBG.

Throughout this trip, people would come up, smile and ask polite questions about O. And I loved it. People were interested in my child and not pointing out (for once) that she has lighter skin than me, or that she sure is small for her age, or asking why her eyes are blue/gray while mine are dark brown. They were sweet, and (again) I needed it. I needed to be reminded that people- strangers can be nice, kind, and thoughtful. They can help you out when you need it most, not just stare at you or push you aside as if you are a burden to them and society. Maybe that’s the central reason I loved Copenhagen. Because even teenagers at Tivoli smiled at O, played with her, and let her crawl over to them (not that I let her, but that kid is quick for a 10 month-old). So, yes, as you can tell by now, I loved this trip. unnamed-7

Flight 1 back was great. I was seated next to soon-to-be Swedish grandparents. Baby O had some sort of special kinship on that flight with the husband; even started to doze off in my arms while holding onto his hand. And he told me that this was heaven for him, he loved her. They told me all about Sweden (obviously going tmy next trip!), and when that flight was over, I wished it was the last because you can’t have greatness twice when it comes to flights. The last flight, of course, sucked. Baby slept the entire time, but I swear these planes are getting smaller and more packed. By the time I got off, my knee was not functioning properly (still hasn’t 3 weeks later).

Anyway, that’s the long and the short of it. Maybe too detailed? Sorry. So yeah, go to Copenhagen, it’s beautiful and makes up for the high prices, promise.


17 thoughts on “Copenhagen

  1. Copenhagen is on my travel list. Hotel and food recommendations, please! Denmark is amazing and the Danes are super low-key and laid back. It is frowned upon to draw any unnecessary attention to your self there, so Danes are naturally giving people. I can’t wait to travel there!

    1. Hey!! I didn’t stay at a hotel, but I have some food recommendations. Mother Pizza and bakeries galore. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!

  2. It’s funny, I find the Germans so friendly and helpful in comparison to the Latvians! But the Danes are super people – I’ve never met one I didn’t like. Glad you had a great trip!

    1. Thanks very much! You are living over here now, right? The Danes are just…. happy and wonderful. Totally loved it there.

    1. Right? It’s like they instinctively and collectively dress the right way, whereas I look like a walking mess. Glad you love it too!

  3. I am so glad you were able to go to the country I would consider emigrating to, if I ever left the U.S. I second everything you said about Denmark! I love that country! I have dear friends there in Rungsted Kyst north of Copenhagen. I fell in love with Denmark and its beautiful people in 1961 when I made my first trip to Europe and have had my first opinion strengthened every time I go back there. Yes, I could live and be content in Denmark.

    Glad we think alike. Great minds run on the same track. Jim

    1. Look at that! So cool that you love Denmark too, and such a coincidence. I was in Berlin this past weekend, and while I think it’s a really great place, I can’t imagine moving up there. But Denmark, I’d be there in a heartbeat.

      1. Hi. Glad you made it to Berlin at last. It’s been so many years since I was there that you can tell me more about it with all the changes that have taken place. Just curious, but why wouldn’t you want to move there?

  4. I love Amsterdam airport – there’s an amazing organic burger place!

    I’ve never been to Denmark but I would love to go. I don’t find the Germans as unhelpful and rude as most other expats seem to though.

    1. They have an organic burger place? DID NOT SEE THAT! I don’t think Germans are all unhelpful and rude, that’s too much of a generalization to make. But in comparison to the Danish, you can see a gigantic difference. You are from England, right?

      1. Yes, I’m from England. I don’t know any Danish people so I can’t compare 🙂

        The organic burger place is in the “Airport Park” area.

  5. Greetings, Allie.
    My name is Cymbaline “Baylee” Sta. Valentina, and I have been an avid reader of your blog. Copenhagen seems like a wonderful place from your post. I have a deep interest in researching German history which has extended over to the modern aspects of the culture.
    Looking forward to the next entry 😀

    1. Thanks Baylee! I hope you enjoy the future posts, and I think you should visit Copenhagen, very interesting place.

  6. You are too cute. Love your writing and thank you for the Copenhagen suggestion I hope to some day travel to Germany or Denmark. Europe in General! Your absolutely on the mark traveling with a babe. You basically pack up the house one of everything. Visited a cousin once with no children. She spent the weekend in awe. Swore I would need all that stuff and at the good bye moment said “well you just didn’t bring enough I don’t think I could do it”

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