Moving to Brooklyn :-)

So it’s a quick update, but I took a job as a librarian in Brooklyn starting next month, and the G-Man got a contract to work abroad too!! I don’t think it will be a permanent move to the US, it really depends on the G-Man (who I’m quite certain will never ever ever want to give up his awesome job and stupendous German benefits, and I can’t blame him, the benefits rock). But we will decide after 8 months what we’ll do. Now we’re getting all the pieces of the puzzle together; the apartment, childcare, making lists of things we need, making budgets…. there is a lot to get done in a short span of time. It’s exciting and happy, and also makes me a bit nervous; I haven’t had a professional job in years, AND I have never gotten to work my dream job either. So whoaaaaaa….. what an experience coming up!! I’ll still write here and there, probably still about Germany as it will most likely be our forever home. Please stay with me on this big ole’ adventure 🙂 227823_854684867935_3659642_n



5 thoughts on “Moving to Brooklyn :-)

    1. Well it’s only temporary, everything I’ve signed is for only the 8 months. I don’t think we can find the kind of way of life we want in the US…. anyway, I wanted to try out my career for a bit, make money…. I haven’t been able to do that in years. I just need a break from Germany for a bit, but I know that a month or two into our American experience, I’ll miss Germany again. Lol When are you moving over?

  1. Very nice blog, and hopefully your time in Brooklyn is great. You lived in Nuernberg a very traditional part of Germany and that is probably why you had some negative experiences. We lived there many years ago and I found it to be compatible to Redneck Virginia if you get my drift. Good luck in Brooklyn and when you get a chance have some of that awesome chocolate by the Mast Brothers. I was there last year visiting my friend. Sunny greetings from Southern California a German expat.

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