Writing, Queries, Submissions, Oh my!

Sooooo I’ve written a novel— actually, I’m halfway done on my second one too. It’s a sci-fi/fantasy series for adults. Is it awesome? In my head, yes. To other people, I certainly hope they’d think so. Currently, I’m trying my hand at submitting queries and contacting agents when I’m not polishing, or writing on the second book. I’m even submitting for this one: FREE contest for writers of Fantasy/Science Fiction http://tinyurl.com/jymslez Judged by agent @mike_hoogland, via @ChuckSambuchino

It’s scary, and exciting, and nerve-wracking, and, and, and….  Overwhelming.

I knew I wanted to write when I was about 5– I wrote my first book about a cat who wanted to climb a tree. A few months later, I wrote a story about a princess who was trapped in a jar. When the prince comes to save her, he also gets trapped by the evil sorcerer or magic guy as I called him. The illustrations were insane. Anyway, the princess and the prince worked together and got out of the jar. There was no resolution with the magic guy. My Mom was really impressed. Or just happy I found a way to be creative that didn’t involve destroying the house, ruining the vacuum cleaner (again), or breaking the window (for the fifth time!).

Another year or two later, I had my first poem published in the town newspaper. It was an abstract poem that made no sense, but my teacher thought it was commentary about the movement of childhood. My Mom was like yeahhhh ok….. I really don’t think that’s what she was going for, she was just picking cutout words out of an envelope and stringing them together. I mean it was about penguins and Cheerios. But hey! I was in the newspaper!! I also ended up in the newspaper over my school years for: winning a bocce championship (who even plays bocce as a kid?), walking in the rain downtown with my sister (I guess we looked cute with our umbrellas?),  my massive collection of over 200+ trolls that was displayed at the town library (I really hope you can’t find that picture online), my opinion about the electoral college, and the times I got on the honor roll. Looking back, isn’t all of that really weird?

Years later, I interned as a food critic for The Cranston Herald in RI. My reviews were, as my editor noted, very sarcastic, sometimes too funny, and not really what anyone was looking for. But I had loads of fun working there, and I had two reviews published, so I’d call that winning! That was the same time that I worked as a Food Creationist at Rhode Island School of Design: where all I had to do was made baked goods that didn’t look like baked goods. That was an interesting time of my life.

Anyway, here I am, living abroad, writing books while chasing my toddler after kindergarten each day, or watching for the 100 millionth time, Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom or Peppa Pig<— both of which are fairly entertaining for children’s programs and have caused my German-American daughter to say things with a British accent. To be fair, she also calls me Mama with an Italian accent… no one knows where she got that one from. My husband thinks I’ve passed my crazy (I’m hoping he means the good sort of crazy) down to her, but I have to say, crazy as we are– we are never boring!

Anyway. Writing. Queries. Submissions. Wow.

Writing on here has given me the confidence to try writing out “there”. If it fails, I’ll still be proud that I tried. It takes a lot of mental prep to put yourself out there, and hope that you somehow manage to survive it. I’m ready for it. I know it’ll be long, frustrating and sometimes sad, but I’ve got to try. Imagine how great I might feel if I had fans, and people who actually loved, were inspired by, my work? That makes it worth it. So, that said, if any of you know agents looking for queries, please feel free to send their info my way. If you have tips, ideas, anything, I’ll take it happily. We’re all in this world together. Thanks!!



2 thoughts on “Writing, Queries, Submissions, Oh my!

  1. “…If you have tips, ideas, anything, I’ll take it happily…”

    I´m afraid what I can share is more of the “anything” kind, but anyway. There is forum for English speakers in Germany in which one of the contributors posted about her own success as a writer and as far as I remember she mentioned on the side in one of her postings where she published. I think it was in this thread (not even sure though):


    I don´t know her personally but she comes across as someone quite approachable. Maybe you want to contact her and ask her for tips/contacts?

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